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Following is a list of links I have found to be good over time and through other’s recommendations that I trust.  HOWEVER, prove all things, and if you find something questionable, be sure to let me know. calvary-Heb2-9,IJohn2-2,John3-16  SOME (BUT NOT ALL) OF THE FOLLOWING, MAY QUOTE MEN I DO NOT THINK THEY SHOULD QUOTE.


PROVE ALL THINGS!!! (1 Thess 5:21)  A blog where my friend Pastor Jack Weaver (with the Lord), now run by his administrator John, explain the true meaning of Grace, and the gift of God being Free. Touches on subjects such as the Lordship Doctrine, Calvinism, and what Free Grace is.

Stand for the Faitha friend, Jim F., reasons well on several different subjects.


Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold and Dr. Hank Lindstrom in audio files below

Calvary Community Church in Tampa, Fl.

Sermon Archives Here

Audio Files for Bibleline Ministries

YouTube Videos for Bibleline Ministries

Tom Stegall – Word of Grace Bible Church

Pastor Tom Cucuzza

Northland Bible YouTube Videos

Northland Church Home Page

Highly recommend his book, can be found on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle form. “Secure Forever! God’s Promise or Our Perseverance?”  


Additional sermons here *only recommending Cucuzza himself on this site, for various Lordship and Calvinists (along with Arminians) teach there.

Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church

Ron Shea – Clear Gospel

Bruce Bauer’s blog  – another friend I recommend, both here and below.

Duluth Bible Church – Pastor Dennis Rokser & also J.B. Hixson

Home page

Dayspring Bible College and Seminary: I have heard good things about this Bible College from Pastor Jack Weaver, and went to investigate.  Online courses available, pretty reasonably too I noticed.

Grace School of theology


Florida Bible College – Dr. Ralph (Yankee Arnold)



HOW TO KNOW FOR SURE I’M GOING TO HEAVEN – Hank Lindstrom – links are disabled, try this link instead for available Hank Lindstrom sermons – HANK LINDSTROM HERE

Ray Stanford Handbook of personal evangelism – how to witness and answer Biblically the differences between the Bible’s doctrine and the teachings of the Roman Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Lordship and more.


Eternal Life for you – Laid out by the Word of God on Pastor Jack Weaver’s site.


Am I Going To Heaven? – video presentation, along with a Q&A by Pastor Tom Cucuzza, how to know if you have eternal life.


36 Amazing things once you believe – Pastor Jack Weaver.


Clear Gospel Campaign – Good gospel presentation




OTHER BOOKS (Always look up Bible citations in context and always let me know if you find something wrong in the book.)

Shall Never Perish Forever by Dennis Rokser

I never knew you (The Horror of the Great White Throne Judgment) – Michael Patrick Bowen – LINK TO PDF FILE

Salvation in Three Time Zones by Dennis Rokser

Getting the Gospel Wrong, The Evangelical Crisis no one is talking about by  J.B. Hixson

Let’s Preach the Gospel – Dennis Rokser (The Importance of preaching the gospel to both the Unsaved and Saved)

What Lies Ahead: A Biblical Overview of the End Times by J.B. Hixson

How to Interpret 1 John: Fresh Insights & Observations to Consider by Dennis Rokser

The Great Last Days Deception by J.B. Hixson

Back to Faith by Fred R. Lybrand

Incorrect Responses to the Gospel by Dennis Rokser Duluth Bible church ( or Tom Stegall) – LINK

“Has Subtle or Unbiblical language crept into our gospel?” – LINK

Repentance – What it means and what it does not

Ray Standford – PDF: RepentanceStanford

Pastor Tom Cucuzza – PDF: cucuzza-repentance-booklet-pdf

Ronald Shea – See several part series on Repentance

Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7, Pt 8

Gospel Articles by Redeeming Moments – Holly Garcia


I WILL KILL YOU (Testimony)









Rapture or Prophecy BOOKS or articles

DISCLAIMER: (not recommending all of the sites below necessarily that provide some of the pdf files or ebooks.  If I provide a video, I am recommending-will put *’s by the ones I do not know)

Paul Benware on Daniel

Paul Benware on Revelation

“Kept from the Hour” by Gerald Stanton.  A book addressing the reliability of pre-tribulation timing.

Or download .doc or ebook here.  

Paul Benware Ministries

“Not Wrath but Rapture” by H.A. Ironside.  Another good one on the pre-tribulation rapture.  (And no, Ironside did not deny it at the end)*

“Are children taken up in the Rapture”article by Holly Garcia

Eternal Security

“Eternal Security is the Gospel” video by Dr. Ralph (Yankee) Arnold

“The Eternal Security of the Believer” by H.A. Ironside. Addresses the Biblical foundation for eternal security, including tackling the hard passages that seemingly contradict that.*

“Full Assurance” by H.A. Ironside.  Free PDF file, addresses security and assurance for every believer.*

“The Permanence of Salvation” by Thomas Cucuzza.

“Is Salvation Permanent?” video by Dr. Hank Lindstrom – TRY THIS ONE >

Difficult Passages or Subjects


“Faith without works is Dead” by Thomas Cucuzza.  Addresses the controversial passage in James 2.

“Faith vs. Works”, video by Yankee Arnold.

1 JOHN 3

Dr.Yankee Arnold


Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold

Dr. Hank Lindstrom


Difficulties in Hebrews


Dr. Hank Lindstrom


Why the Unrighteous cannot Inherit the Kingdom of God – Yankee Arnold

“Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: UltraDispensationalism Examined in the Light of Holy Scripture” by H. A. Ironside

Other recommended reading or sermons:

Disclaimer – do not know if the sites that provide the pdf books are sound.

“Holiness the false and the true” by H.A. Ironside.  A testimony from one who came out of the false Holiness teaching.


“The Five Dangers of Calvinism” by Ralph Yankee Arnold

“Rock – Paper – Scissors, Calvinism’s Game of Deceit” by Johninnc

“Berean Call promoting both Calvinism & Ray Comfort” by Jack Weaver

“The Message of Calvinism = Lordship Salvation” by Peter Amato

“Notes on Calvinism, a Rigged Carnival Game” by Bruce Bauer

“Exposing Calvinism for what it is” by Tom Cucuzza

“Biblical Truth about Total Depravity” by Tom Stegall

“No Scripture Support for Calvinism” by Jim Floyd

“Confront Calvinism – 3 parts” by Dennis Rokser

“John 3:16 Denudes & Proves Calvism false”

“Calvinism and Grace are NOT Compatible” by Ralph Yankee Arnold

“Calvinism’s T.U.L.I.P. is FALSE” by Ralph Yankee Arnold


More to come…

40 thoughts on “Recommended Teachers & Resources”

  1. irawati santosa said:

    hi holly, do you think that the duluth bible church website is teaching biblically sound teaching of free grace? i found the website have lots of articles and reading which i hope can help me understand the God’s words better. The only thing i felt alert is that i think they quote Spurgeon in one of those articles…thank you and God bless

    • I am not sure truthfully, what I would look for is no compromise in the favorable quoting of men like Spurgeon, etc. I know there are some sound people there, but I honestly could not say for sure which one to listen to. I know that some of my friends who are commenters here, like Jack Weaver, John Pownall, or Jim Floyd would probably be better to point you in the right direction. You can find them on

      I tend to take each article I might read and or listen to, and when verses are given, I stop to examine in context. I really believe we must prove all things with that which is good 🙂

      I wish I had been of more help, but I believe in grace being free, so not all that identify themselves as free grace are necessarily sound, similarly to how Calvinists identify themselves with the word Grace, yet how can they understand grace and the free gift of salvation when they add to it.

    • Irawati, if I did not say so, I do not appreciate people quoting Spurgeon, or Augustine when they claim to be free grace. Introduce the wolves to the sheep? I don’t think that is Biblical…

  2. MechaWingZero said:

    It’s really hard to find solid grace teaching these days. Thank you for these links. I agree 100% about not recommending Gail Riplinger’s books as well.

    About Duluth Bible Church: I’ve listened to a lot of their teaching and it is excellent. Some people like Spurgeon, Scofield, Chaffer etc have some really good quotes that teach grace, and then others that are totally contradictory. It’s like people can’t just believe that salvation is that free.

    • I agree with you, so I know with all men, to continue to search (Acts 17:11) and prove (1 Thess 5:21), test (1 Jn 4:1) and study (2 Tim 2:15) so we can discern (Heb 5:12-14) and continue to abide in His Word. Even the free grace ones like Duluth have some compromise in their quotes, and I guess each one has to answer for that. I used to get the daily devotional from Spurgeon, years ago, a dean of a woman’s college recommended him to me. I didn’t quite agree with some, seemed like it just didn’t seem right, and for a long time, I glossed over, eventually deleting. One day read the “Turn or Burn” sermon. That was enough to show the error in his teaching and then over time, I discovered a lot I didn’t know…

      I like men/women who are willing to listen and check out where there might be error should you ask them about it, vs. just ignoring any concerns. May the Lord bless those who continue to contend for the faith once delivered, who defend the gospel, who take heed to the doctrine, and also for the flock…

  3. Holly,

    Do you know of any good churches in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area?
    I know of somebody (new to the faith) who needs to find a good rock solid assembly out there. They are currently attending the City of Grace Church in Phoenix. A look at their website seems to indicate a strong leaning to the social gospel among other errors.

    Thank you.

    • John, we have collected a list over time, for people to have a place to start. I cannot personally recommend any church, I have been to Fred Chay’s class, and he is mostly sound, my only issue would personally be I don’t like some of his quotes of men. The Bible study I attend, which is held on Thurs, they could contact me here for if they are interested.

      Just tell them this is a recommendation of places to start. I do not recommend City of Grace whatsoever, I have been there, and I do also not reccomend Scottsdale Bible which many are going Calvinist/reformed. I don’t know about their other off-shoots, but not looking good…. Even one of the churches (which was on Free Grace Alliance list = Red Mountain Community) is NOT at all free grace, but an undercover kind of mish mash of reformed, etc. They still claim to be however. The following places are possibilities based on their Statement of Faith, but as usual “prove all things”….

      ARIZONA, BUCKEYE (FGA) Grace Fellowship –
      ARIZONA, GLENDALE (FGA) West Greenway Bible Church –
      ARIZONA, MESA – (Merryman Ministries) In the Word Bible Fellowship – Los Palmas Clubhouse, 215 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85205, or contact Carl Denti,
      ARIZONA, PHOENIX (FGA) – Paradise Springs Community Church –
      ARIZONA, SCOTTSDALE – New Life Community Church 2012 | 2500 North Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale, Arizona | (480) 947-7385 –

      • Holly,

        Thank you for your response.

        I will have her contact you. I believe she could use some Godly guidance (as we all could) in traversing this pockmarked landscape called Christianity. I appreciate your help in this.
        I also really enjoy your site as it is encouraging to note that there are still others who have not “soiled their garments” with the false gospel of works in any way shape or form.
        My wife and I live in the San Diego region with our four young children. Lately we have seen the salvation = repentance from sin doctrine creeping into more and more of the sermons being given at our church. We are unsure as to where to go. It seems like such a circus out there. We love the dear people of our assembly but I despise the teaching that has been occurring including allowing a young man from within the assembly to openly teach the damnable heresy of Calvinistic predestination from the pulpit without so much of a peep from anybody. It was a sad day for me to see that I was the only one to raise an objection to this attack on the gospel.

        Please pray for us that we might find God’s will in this and in all matters.


        • Hi John. I apologize, I am editing this comment since I thought you were speaking of another person. So this portion probably didn’t make sense to you>>>(I’m not sure she will see it that way, but surely willing to talk to her.)

          I have ten children, and five still at home, it surely is a dilemma to find a place where they will not be indoctrinated. I talk to them about the things that creep in, and ask them questions from His Word, to get them to think for themselves. I teach them how important it is to pray before and during our study time so that we learn from Him. To humble ourselves to Him, asking Him to help us unlearn anything that is improperly understood. To prove all things (and I tell them including anything I have shown them), by the Word of God. I talk to them about white space theology and extra biblical books and writings that men use to come up with their thoughts, including commentaries which may be helpful, but should probably be resorted to last. I tell them how important to know His Word, to be in the strong meat, so we can continue to discern between good and evil. I love many that I have seen go this route. One, an ex-Bible study teacher, who I also love and pray for, and I am perplexed that she does not see how it has affected her teaching. I believe it all started with a John MacArthur study Bible.

          I am praying for you and your young children, your wife and your church. It’s heart-breaking I know. God bless you.

      • Hello, Holly, and thank you for your wonderful blog and the efforts you make in helping others see more clearly for ourselves. I have only just visited today even though John was referring to me and was so kind to ask his original question on my behalf – I am so happy to have finally taken the time and to have opened my eyes, and am overwhelmed by the fact that John / his brother / his father have already helped me simply because I am a fellow Christian. I am ready to deepen my understanding of the Word and to truly apply it to my life. How might I reach you regarding your local bible study in Scottsdale? Please feel free to send me an email via my private address.

        Many thank you’s in advance for your time,

        • I will give you an email, we are hoping to start up in September, but waiting to see if we will have a room, the church we were given a room at, is under construction. In Christ’s love, Holly

  4. Holly, I think you would also enjoy Robert Congdon’s Series of booklets about New Calvinism and it’s dangers. The series helped me a lot as I recovered from the false teaching of New Calvinism.

  5. Hello Holly. Just to let you know the link for ‘I never knew you (The Horror of the Great White Throne Judgment)’ pdf file is not working. It takes me to a “Not Found” page.

  6. Holly sweetheart, the link for “WHY IS INVITING JESUS INTO YOUR HEART A FALSE GOSPEL?” doesn’t work; you may want to use this one instead.

  7. I’m glad I could help 🙂

  8. So glad to have come accross your site. I have similiar experiences. Never really knew if I was saved, because all the false gospels out there, in SOOO many churches today, BUT GOD saved me when I heard the clear gospel and I put my full trust in the finished work of Jesus on the cross and he did that for me!

    • John, praise God, so happy to hear that. I understand very well what you mean. And the Lord warned us in the end, there would be many deceivers and many deceived. The apostles warned, and Paul warned of those who would subtly like Satan, corrupt minds from the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Cor 11:3-4).

      I am thankful we were left with a couple instructions for living in fellowship with Him. Abide in Me, Abide in my Word. His Word sure is a blessing, a treasure…

      I know now that I could never measure up, those who are trying to prove their salvation are hopefully temporarily bewitched like the Galatians, but I pray they won’t be hindered from obeying the truth for long. Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ made us free!

      God bless you and yours. In Christ, Holly

  9. Hey Holly,

    Just read a bit of Ray Stanford’s article on repentance. There appeared to be a sprinkle of backdoor Lordship salvation in it, with idea of automatic change post salvation?

    • Benchap, I went back and read the link to Dr Stanford’s chapter on repentance. It is not the most clear, in places, and does have a hint of the inevitability of good works.

      For example, I think the following quote, with the attendant scriptural reference, is a little iffy:

      Later Scripture makes it clear that God certainly did work in their lives to bring about changes, but this took place only AFTER they were already saved (Eph. 2:10).

    • Thanks Ben. He is the one that led Jack Weaver to the Lord, but it’s good to know where people don’t have it ‘quite right’ which is where we must be ever vigilant to be Bereans. Always feel free.

  10. Yep, there was one earlier that hinted at it, but that one was the one that caused alarm bells to sound.

    • Benchap, I like the following quote from Tom Cucuzza regarding Ephesians 2:10:

      Grace. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Not “must” – that would be works. Not “will” – that would be Calvinism. No, it’s should. We should.

  11. Yep. That is the correct interpretation of that verse.

  12. I agree.

  13. Hello Holly,

    I heard your name mentioned by Pastor Yankee Arnold in a sermon on youtube, “Calvinism is a cult”.
    First let me say I am so thankful to God for such pastors as Arnold, Cucuzza, Shea, etc…

    I am glad that I can now come here to find like minded individuals. I have been tossed to and fro by the false doctrines that seem to abound all around us.

    I noticed under “Other Recommended Reading” that Charles Ryrie and Lewis Sperry Chafer are listed…..are you aware that they both had Calvinistic theology? I just thought you might want to know.

    Love in Christ

    • Tara, thank you for coming to visit, and yes, I became aware, maybe a few years ago because of, but I was not aware I still had them there, so thank you so much for being diligent to ‘prove all things’ (1 Thess 5:21), I’ll be removing them. Love in Him to you, looking forward to having you visit again.

  14. I have often seen a man named “Jeremiah J. Jameson” who runs a blog called “end times prophecy report” ( often comments on your posts. I have seen his site, he often quotes your site in his blog, but his site is quite different from yours. His site is quite “harsh”. Do you know this site or its webmaster? What do you think of this site?

    • Daniel, thank you for commenting, I do not know him, but I will try to take a look and comment more. One thing I constantly try to keep in mind is 2 Tim 2:23-26, Titus 2:7-8 and Col 4:5-6, along with 1 Tim 2:1-6. We need to keep the big picture in mind as we answer.

      • jasonc65 said:

        I managed to find this unclear statement:
        “Are you willing to repent (change your direction/mind) right now, and become a responsible member of God’s forever family, following Him and serving Him as a member of His forever family, following Him and serving Him as a member of His body, the Church? If your heartfelt answer is, “Yes”, then we can go to Him now in prayer, and we can tell Him that you want to cease trusting in anything else for Eternal Salvation, especially in what you can do for yourself.”

        (link removed by administrator)

        This is what we cringe at here.

        • Jason, this statement is confusing, but still Lordship “salvation.” They use the right definition of repent, but then add becoming a responsible member of God’s family, following and serving Jesus. We do not have to commit to serving Jesus, following Him in discipleship, or commit to some undefined version of “responsible” in order to receive the free gift of eternal life.

      • jasonc65 said:

        As is typical with these sites, this statement comes out of the blue, contradicting everything that was said before. Something having to do with the heart usually accommodates these atrocious statements of “faith”.

        • Jason, I think you’ve made a very astute observation regarding “something having to do with the heart” usually being part of these false definitions of faith.

  15. Lorenzo said:

    Hi…I noticed most of your links are not functional. Can you please fix them? Thank you for yout effort in arranging this site. May God bless you.

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