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This mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Country Music Festival yesterday is beyond a terrible tragedy.  There have been some who report this is the worst shooting in US history, others of course are speculating on Antifa literature in his room, Middle East ties, a specific honing in on Country Music Fans because of conservative values, etc.  I honestly don’t know, and I don’t think any of them know right now either.    All we can and hopefully should do, is continue to pray for all concerned.

I have seen and heard both some touching experiences as well as some foolish comments out of people’s mouths.   God forgive them.

But, I am not here to discuss anything other than this video I just saw.  I want to reach out to this young man Taylor Benge. I pray he and others who were involved in this massacre yesterday may see it.  He had an interview with CNN — actually a answer to my prayer for this awful event.   This mass shooting happened directly across the street from where I was married last year (the Luxor hotel).   I am not fond of Las Vegas, but in a busy life, it does make it easier to get married (not often a good thing we know) but for us, it was the best solution.   But it saddened me to see where this happened.  I am very familiar with where it was.

Here is the video of Taylor Benge, an admitted agnostic who says he now believes in God.  I sincerely pray that he does understand the good news…

I am praying for the family of those who lost their lives today.  I know some have set up some gofundme accounts for the shooting victims.  I am also praying for those in the hospital, that they might pull through, (as millions are) and if they haven’t believed upon the One who gave Himself for them, I pray they may do so now.

Taylor, (and any others who had to endure this tragedy –I want to address the living at this point); I was so touched when you spoke of your sister throwing her body over yours to protect you and telling you, “Taylor, I love you”.  You understood at that moment a greater love.

The Bible speaks of Jesus when it says, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”  Your sister was willing to do that for you.  Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God, God in the flesh, came and died for you.   We have all sinned, and that sin makes us fall short of God’s glory, the penalty is eternal death and separation from God, which means everything good (which comes from Him).

God loved us (everyone in the world) so much, that He gave His only begotten Son, (to die for our sins), that we might not perish (die eternally), but have everlasting life instead.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, for my sins, and for every single person who has lived and will live.  We never know when we might die, and then it’s too late.  He gave Himself, placed Himself in front of you to save you from eternal death.   By His death, His burial, His raising Himself back up to life again on the third day as He said He would, He has paid the price for you.    All he asks of you is that you believe upon Him, that He did this for you, and if you will, He will give you eternal life, never to be lost, never to be forfeited, it is everlasting from this day forward.    Do not listen to the street screamers with their hateful sins.  You cannot DO one thing to earn this, His gift of eternal life is FREE.   We ALL have sinned, those street preachers are no better than you, for the Word of God tells us if we break one law (which is sin) we have done it ALL.  So we are guilty of ALL.

I pray for any reading now, (whether having experienced this tragedy or not), that youps 116-8-9 consider that we are not promised tomorrow.  Please don’t wait.   Please look into the claims that Jesus is who He is said He is (Fully God and fully man).  That He died for you personally, not just that He died, but that He did it for you, for your sins, to save you from the penalty.    And that who HE is and what HE did, is the payment in full for you.  There is nothing else you can offer or promise to doNo changes you can make, no sins can you stop, you are helpless to do so without Him.   It is good to do better, but you cannot offer this or believe on this as part of your salvation it will not fly in the face of a Holy and perfect God.  Stop relying on what you did, or what you have done or are doing and rely only on Him to save you. He is asking you to believe solely in His Work on His cross, for you — and once you believe on Him, then PLEASE get to know Him.

There are many of us here, either at this website, or expreacherman.com, or northlandchurch.com, or standforthefaith.com who would happily explain more to you and be happy to help you grow in your faith.

We are praying for you, and want to declare God’s love for you in this midst of this terrible, scary time.   May the Lord bless you and keep you.  We will continue in prayer for you, leave your comments below.  Or look at the good news link above.

Love in Christ.