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Joseph Prince may make you feel good, but prove all things (1 Thess 5:21; Acts 17:11). Is what he says really so?

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Stand For the Faith

The term Hyper Grace has been thrown around but what does this really mean? I would like you to consider today teachers that are currently promoting what could be called hyper grace.  For those that hold this position they may balk at this term, but suffice it to say the term does help to paint the picture well.

I have chosen to look in at three men that I have found that are preaching and teaching a similar style of error. They are Joseph Prince in part one and Andrew Farely along with Jeremy White in part two.

Many may be drawn to their grace like gospel talk at first glance but one always needs to consider the fuller body of a person’s theology or work. The reason is that these men teach things further down the road that contradict their “grace” message.

So first let’s consider some quotes from…

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