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Excellent documentary film Mark, I imagine you will have some of them gnashing their teeth.

I am so impressed by this video that my friend and brother in Christ Mark has recently finished.  And it is not even because he gave me some credit that I probably was not due.  He is so thorough, and covers so much ground in this expose’, I will have to listen again to grasp all the wealth of information in it.  I highly recommend this video as a must listen for everyone, but particular Bible study teachers and Pastors, who may be passing along some of these teachers.  In turn, if you agree, recommend it to one of your friends.  ~ Holly Garcia – redeemingmoments.com

Pastor Jack Weaver ~ Mark called several months ago asking permission to use some material and ideas from ExPreacherMan.com. We are happy we consented.

The progression of the video keeps your attention — Mark explains the simplicity of the Gospel of Grace and then, naming names, he exposes the preachers and proponents of “works salvation” (Probation). This mission is especially important to Mark because his is a former member of John MacArthur’s church. He realized the Truth, abandoned the lie perpetrated by JMac and is dedicated to exposing those who insist on adding works to the Gospel of God’s Grace.

This is a must watch video. Please recommend it to your friends, especially those who may be mixed up in false teaching. It is also a good doctrinal review for all believers. ~ expreacherman.com

Powerful and thoughtful video. It is faith alone in Jesus Christ that saves, beware of teaching outside the Bible that require works. Working at our faith is out of the love and desire to follow Jesus as His servant, not a requirement for eternity. ~ Marcie Mathews.


What do John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, Francis Chan, Paul Washer, David Platt, Tim Conway, Kyle Idleman, Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, James White, Lordship (Probation) Teachers, Roman Catholics, Arminians, Mormons, Christadelphians, Oneness Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, all have in common?

If you want to understand what it takes to be saved, and what gospels out there are ‘another’, then please take time to watch this very detailed video.  I also highly recommend that people take time to jot passages down and look them up.  Rich and replete with Scripture throughout.  This would also be an excellent Bible study, and will help people understand the free gift of salvation.  This will help others to discern and also know what is a false gospel.


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