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Understanding Lordship salvation teaching is a false gospel.

Notes From A Retired Preacher

The Bible says that salvation is the gift of God, available to anyone and everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior.  The Bible is explicitly clear that salvation is a free gift, without cost or obligation to the believer.

Not only is the Bible explicitly clear that salvation is a free gift to the believer, but it says it in a number of different ways so that the hearer or reader of the Word can understand.  For a reasonably comprehensive list of verses that state that justification is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, please see the article linked below:


In contrast to the Biblical gospel of grace is the false gospel of Lordship “salvation” (LS).  LS is the unsupportable belief that the PERFORMANCE of good works, the PROMISE of good works, or the EVIDENCE of good works MUST accompany faith in Christ in order…

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