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Notes From A Retired Preacher

(Following is an e-mail we received from a reader, along with our response.  We chose to publish this, since this question gets to the heart of the purpose of the ExPreacherman ministry.  The gentleman who wrote this is more honest than most Lordship “salvationists” in that he admits that he believes that our works are inextricably linked to the gospel message.  Please note that we have removed the individual’s name, as well as the NKJV biblical text of James 2:14-26.  The e-mail is in italics, and our response is in plain text.  We have added bold to parts of each for emphasis)

Comment: So, I don’t really get the point of an entire blog built around the idea of fighting something called “Lordship salvation.  I mean, don’t like seriously ALL your arguments about taking things out of context fall apart when you read stuff like this (James 2:14-26) in the…

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