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Another blog on the serious error of Lordship – Holiness – Calvinist teacher Paul Washer.

Stand For the Faith

Paul Washer is a popular name among those who support a Reformed gospel.  Many have read his books or heard his preaching. The thing is, is Paul Washer giving us the true gospel message?  This four part series of posts will attempt to examine Paul Washer’s book The Gospel’s Power and Message to see exactly what Paul is saying and consider if it is the Biblical gospel.


My comments are in ( ) and Paul’s are in quotes. Early on we are greeted with this:

“Until God regenerates a man’s heart, that man will address the gospel in the same way the demons of the Gadarenes addressed the Lord Jesus Christ: “What have we to do with You?”15 The carnal man can have no true interest or appreciation in the gospel apart from the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, and yet this miracle takes place in the heart of…

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