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Stand For the Faith

We have already seen MacArthur’s example and interpretation of the story of Nicodemus. Now let’s look at his next example of the woman at the well.

“He Demands True worship:”

“Those who oppose lordship salvation often point to this account as proof that salvation is a gift apart from any demand for commitment of the sinner’s life.1 But we dare not base our theology of salvation only on information gleaned from this account — or worse, label crucial elements of the gospel as nonessential because they are omitted in John 4.”

(What demand of commitment IS part of the gospel??)

“To call her to Himself, Jesus had to force her to face her indifference, lust, self-centeredness, immorality, and religious prejudice.”

(Unbelievers need to understand that they are sinners and thereby lost but there is no specific sin like these that they have to confront first in order to be saved.)

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